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Berkeley Waterfront
Berkeley Waterfront

Southern Waterfront Parking Regulations

The City of Berkeley is making changes to parking regulations at the Waterfront.  Signage at the entrances to parking lots and throughout each parking lot will clearly indicate the applicable parking regulations. The parking regulations differ in every parking lot and on public streets. Please pay attention to all signage before parking your vehicle.

We understand that this is new, our staff are here to assist you if you have any questions. Click here for a map summarizing the Southern Waterfront Parking Regulations.

Tips for avoiding citations:

  • Pay attention to all signage.
  • The parking regulations vary by location.
  • Know where the free all-day public parking lots are:
    • Seawall Lot between 5am and 11pm every day.
    • South Cove West Lot on Weekends, and between 5am and 11pm on weekdays.
    • South Cove East Lot on Weekends, and between 9am and 11pm on weekdays.
  • For more information please contact us at: (510) 981-6737 or  


  • I'm a Charter Boat or Ferry Customer. Where may I Park?
    • Charter customers can choose between free or paid parking.
    • For free parking, park in the South Cove West lot or Hs. Lordships lot. From the Hs Lordships Lot, It's about a 6 minute walk to K-Dock. 
    • Loading zones will be provided in the J/K lot for your convenience.
  • Where should I park if I'm visiting Adventure Playground, Cal Sailing, Cal Adventures or the Bay Trail?
    • The most proximal public parking for Adventure Playground, Cal Sailing, Cal Adventures, and the Bay Trail is in the South Cove West and South Cove East parking lots.
    • L/M Parking Lot may be used on weekdays for up to 5 hours.
    • The Hs. Lordships parking lot is a 6 minute walk to Adventure Playground, along the shoreline.
    • Pay attention to all signage to avoid citations.
  • I'm a Marina Slip Holder. Where May I Park?
  • How do I get to the Free Seawall Lot?
    • Turn left at the western terminus of University Avenue, then take the first left into the parking lot.
  • I received a Warning Flyer on 8.5x11 paper, what does that mean?
    • If you received a "warning" flyer on your vehicle, it means you parked in violation of the posted parking regulations. The "warning" is not a citation. To avoid a citation in the future, please adhere to all posted parking regulations.
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